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“Attorney Big Al” is the nickname of the lawyer in charge of a local, independent law office that can be reached directly through the phone number 1-800-HURT-123.

Attorney Big Al in Florida, otherwise known as Alon Barzakay, has been known to be a passionate, hard-working, and philanthropic personal injury attorney in South Florida. Since he graduated law school in 1999, Alon Barzakay built his name on being a no-nonsense trial attorney, doing everything he can for his clients. His tenacity stemmed from the courtroom and to his initial marketing campaigns on radio and billboards through the promotion of his official phone line 1-800-HURT-123.

Believing he had reached many listeners, Big Al wanted to unify his brand for his licensees and himself. On top of that, also reach out to a new audience that was online. He established a more modern look to his logo design and packaged it for his licensees to utilize in conjunction. He also created a portal for prospective clients to have a resource on how to help victims of accidents and negligence. Experienced from many years in practice, Big Al made sure to include a vast variety of personal injury law topics on his website. You could find suggestions for what you should do in a slip and fall to what steps you should take if you feel you or a loved one has experienced medical malpractice.

Once he had the foundation set in place, he ensured all the directory listings for him were up to date. Consequently, this gave everyone the latest information to ensure people searching for help could find him wherever they looked. This allowed those that were just in an accident and want someone to help them through the process to find him quickly. Big Al then proceeded to commence a social media marketing and advertising campaign to help educate, inform, and assist a new demographic of clientele he had not reached before.

By integrating digital marketing methods into his marketing portfolio, Attorney Big Al was able to expand his audience and take advantage of his educational and no-nonsense approach to law to help prospective clients. He built his authority online through education on social media and his website, as well as increasing brand awareness to a demographic that does not listen to the radio.

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Attorney Big Al was able to reach that new audience and accomplish a goal he had sought to reach. He completely dominated the search term for “Attorney Big Al” and has a link on every result on the first page and doubling the number of new users to his website.

The team of Sensation Enterprises was excited to learn about the inner facets of personal injury law to help bring forth this vision to light. Through this collaboration, together we were able to help educate and reach a new audience for Attorney Big Al. This ensured everyone in South Florida and beyond was able to seek justice.