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Bringing out the best you!

Millennium Nail and Day Spa is a full-service salon and spa! Our Mission is to bring out the best YOU through our top-notch line of services and products. Our professional hairstylists and body spa experts are trained to revitalize your hair, nails, skin, and body through our services and custom-designed spa packages.

Millennium Nail & Day Spas out of Tallahassee, Florida, has through creating unforgettable experiences in a lavishly designed atmosphere. With two locations they have grown to be more than just a local “mom and pop” to a place that the locals and college students alike can call their escape from the hustle and bustle. Working primarily with more traditional marketing channels such as TV and radio they were able to reach out to the local community.

Millennium began to recognize as it was opening the second location that they needed to try to reach out to a broader audience. Due to it’s the second location’s distance from the local college campus, they decided to enhance their presence by creating websites and SEO for each of the two locations. Creating a professional online presence was just the beginning. Then creating engaging content by capturing photos of both locations to use for their virtual tour, website, and social media outlets. Lastly, building a video library that would help provide insight into their more intricate skincare services to help educate prospective clientele.

The journey from building a brand to helping marketing a brand are two very different undertakings. Both accomplished by Millennium Nail and Day Spa. Through their tenacity at providing stellar service in a luxurious environment, they built an amazing reputation among Tallahassee locals. Wanting to take advantage of the power of building a powerful online presence through creating a unified website for both locations and creating content to power their ongoing social media campaign they were able to capture a new demographic of students and locals that don’t commonly view TV or listen to the radio.


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Sensation Enterprises dived into the world of beauty and was able to take newfound respect for the arts of massage, nails, skin, and hair care. Everyone on our team has learned the power of a good pedicure.

Since starting with them we were able to double the amount of clientele they were able to attain.