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PrestigiousHMA was created to honor and pay tribute to the Haitian Music Industry around the world. This is a unique musical culture vetting platform intended for artists to receive the honor and recognition they deserve for producing and promoting the Haitian Culture positively.

PrestigiousHMA wants to create a collective where those who work in the Haitian music industry can honor and recognize each other for their contributions to moving the dial forward for the Haitian culture. PHMA created an annual awards show where they would shine the spotlight on those that did just that. Working alongside leaders in the Haitian music industry, they began to realize that in order to reach the United States market more broadly they would need to adopt inbound marketing into their business.

It all started with working on unifying the brand colors and logo while also ensuring that communication across all outlets was consistent. PrestigiousHMA then created a website that helped create a home base for news, interviews and announcements that informed and educated everyone in and out of the Haitian music industry. In order to provide a look into the Haitian music scene, they created various pieces of video content and photography during and between the awards show. They then integrated their video and photography content into their social media platforms onto an ongoing organic and paid campaign. This helped create a community where PHMA would use it as a platform to help promote Haitian music to the masses.

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Even when COVID-19 took hold over the globe in 2019, PrestigiousHMA did not stop its mission of sharing Haitian music to the world. They pressed onward by having a fully virtual, socially distanced, and safe awards show through Facebook Live.

Creating a movement of bringing Haitian music into the spotlight, PrestigiousHMA sought to build brand awareness through harnessing the power of inbound marketing. With the incorporation of digital marketing and creating quality oriented content PHMA has the tools they need to continue to show the beauty of Haitian music to the masses.

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PrestigiousHMA has helped further spread its message to this day through harnessing the power of inbound marketing.

Increasing their page views, likes, and followers by 200%.

Sensation Enterprises was able to learn so much of the beauty of the Haitian people through the music they create. It has been inspiring to help guide and assist PrestigiousHMA in fostering a new movement of empowering Haitian musicians and artists by showcasing their music to the world.